APP Privacy Terms & Policy

WearPro is a wearable app. It has functions such as message reminder, alarm clock, sedentary/drinking water reminder, exercise step counting, etc., and provides 24-hour exercise monitoring and daily service mobile application.

WearPro respects and protects the personal privacy of all service users. WearPro will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of this privacy policy. But WearPro will treat this information with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except as otherwise provided in this privacy policy, WearPro will not disclose or provide this information to third parties without your prior permission. When you agree to the WearPro service use agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire content of this privacy policy. This privacy statement applies to all related services of WearPro. With the expansion of WearPro's service scope, the content of the privacy statement can be updated by WearPro at any time without prior notice. Once the updated privacy statement is published, it will effectively replace the original privacy statement.

1. Scope of application

a) In the first run, in order to ensure the security of software and services, we will collect IMEI, SIM serial number, AndroidID, MAC address, OAID information;

b) When you register a WearPro account, you provide personal registration information according to WearPro requirements (including profile picture, nickname, height, weight, etc.);

c) User personal data obtained by WearPro from business partners through legal means;

d) Sports monitoring such as sports step counting.

e) When using this service, your Bluetooth, camera, address book, call records,SMS notification, and call will be transferred to your smart device for synchronization.

f) When using this service, we will also collect and use location data about you to provide services related to your location. We may use GPS, Wi-Fi, IP address and other network data or other technologies for positioning. Without your consent, we will not access your GPS location information. We will not share your GPS location information with third parties without your consent.

You understand and agree that the following information does not apply to this privacy policy:

Violation of the law or violation of WearPro rules and the measures WearPro has taken against you.

2. Use of Information

a) WearPro will not provide, sell, rent, share or trade your personal information to any unrelated third party, unless you obtain your permission in advance, or the third party and WearPro (including WearPro affiliates) individually or jointly provide services to you , And after the end of the service, it will be prohibited from accessing all these materials that it was able to access before.

b) WearPro also does not allow any third party to collect, edit, sell or disseminate your personal information by any means. If any WearPro platform user engages in the above activities, WearPro has the right to immediately terminate the service agreement with the user once discovered.

3. Information Disclosure

Under the following circumstances, WearPro will disclose your personal information in whole or in part based on your personal wishes or legal requirements:

a) Disclosure to a third party with your prior consent;

b) Disclosure to third parties or administrative or judicial institutions in accordance with relevant provisions of the law or the requirements of administrative or judicial institutions;

c) If you violate relevant China laws, regulations or WearPro service agreements or related rules, you need to disclose to a third party;

d) If you are a qualified intellectual property complainant and have filed a complaint, you should disclose it to the respondent at the request of the respondent so that both parties can deal with possible rights disputes;

e) Other disclosures that WearPro deems appropriate in accordance with laws, regulations or website policies.

4. Information storage and exchange

The information and profile collected by WearPro about you will be stored on the servers of WearPro and/or its affiliates. This information and profile may be transmitted to your country, region or overseas where WearPro collects the information and data and accessed abroad , storage and display.

5. Partner SDK

Our products may contain partner SDKs or other similar applications. If you use this type of service provided by a third party on our platform, you agree that it will directly collect and process your information (such as embedded code, Plug-in and other forms).
These embedded third-party services may collect personal information of your end users, and these third-party services are operated by the corresponding third party. The collection and processing of information by the aforementioned service providers comply with their own privacy clauses, not applicable to this policy. To protect your legitimate rights and interests, if you find that these SDKs or other similar applications are at risk, it is recommended that you immediately terminate the relevant operations and contact us in time.

Links to specific third-party partners and their privacy policies:

a) Bugly Exception Information Collection SDK collects APP crash information:
b) Jiguang vaas SDK, which is used to implement APP short video recommendation and playback functions. Types of personal information collected: device information (IMEI, IDFA, Android ID, IMSI, MAC, OAID related information), application information (application crash information, notifications Switch status, software list related information), device parameters and system information (device type, device model, operating system and hardware-related information), geographic location, network information (IP address, WiFi information, base station information), privacy policy link:
c) Umeng SDK, used for statistical analysis, types of personal information collected: device information (IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OpenUDID/GUID/IP address/SIM card IMSI information, etc.), privacy policy link:
d) Sentry SDK, used to collect APP crash logs, type of personal information collected: device information (IMEI/MAC/Android ID/IDFA/OpenUDID/GUID/IP address/SIM card IMSI information, etc.), privacy policy link: https:/ /
e) AMap location SDK, used for GPS trajectory, types of personal information collected: device identifier (such as IMEI, MEID, IMSI, OAID, Serial), MAC address, IP address, location information (such as GPS), WLAN access point ), Privacy Policy Link:
f) QQ Auth SDK, used for QQ quick login, types of personal information collected: application information (installed application list), privacy policy link: https://wiki

6. Information Security

a) WearPro account has security protection function, please keep your user name and password information properly. WearPro will use security measures such as encrypting user passwords to ensure that your information is not lost, abused and altered. Despite the aforementioned security measures, please note that there is no "perfect security measure" on the information network.

b) Please properly protect your personal information and only provide it to others when necessary. If you find that your personal information is leaked, especially WearPro user name and password, please contact WearPro customer service immediately so that WearPro can take corresponding measures.

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